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Some of us are deep into our isolation.  We are about to break free from the chrysalis of our time alone. Our world begins to open up after quarentine.

My life has had self isolation as a theme for many years. I moved into a boarding house while I was in high school. I kept a lot to myself. I got through art school by scrimping and saving. I have lived  in the country  since 1979, most of my adult life. I do well being alone, expecially now. I have had great mentors for it and have taken my cues from them and how they coped.

It is my creativity that saves me. We all may have internal dialogue and I have always revelled in what i call ‘head painting’. I carefully imagine a scene, or use the one in front of me. I begin to imagine painting it, lay down the initial colours. I then define the colours, add strength and character, light and dark…its an internal activity that then gets acted out when the canvas/paper and paint are within reach. Here is one of my stones watercolours.  I have spent many hours watching water…

CALM DAY watercolour 14x24"
CALM DAY watercolour 14×24″

What we do in the studio alone is a mystery to many. The internal dialogue is, well internal. I often listen to music, music I know well, in order to be able to effectively hear the thoughts from inside. Intuition plays a big part of my process, yet managing your colours and composition take experience and planning. Its a bit of an oxymoron there, intuit yet plan….hmmmm. We artists are indeed a strange breed. Maybe many would argue about the process as theirs is different….more planning, less planning, more head talk less hard talk, no head talk….

What happens to you in isolation? Does your internal dialogue drive you to unknown places or is it memories and places known that populate your mind>??? I would love to know…

I’m keeping calm and enjoying the time of isolation. It is feeding my soul. It is grounding me. It is making me feel safe in this ever evolving world of danger and extremity.

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