A foggy view from here

Life is an art on the water

Acrylic painting of a fishing buoy in water

Ahh the splash of seawater resonates.

I am here in the east coast near the Bay of Fundy and I visit the Annapolis Basin frequently. The inspiration I glean from these visits sustains me. The waves soothe me or excite me depending upon their mood! This piece currently resides in Teichert Gallery in Halifax. It’s available for a rental or purchase though them/

Water Lily – Floating

Water Lily Floating


Ahhhhh that sense one gets while close to the water. This acrylic  piece is 17×49 inches and is available from me here in Bear River. Find it here

What is that feeling called floating? I just awakened from dream of floating, its been a wet summer, what can I say? And the idea and the feeling are fresh in my mind. When was the last time you just floated without a care in he world?

Speaking of cares…

Another big storm approaches and I know the stems of the lily will hold it just as the rope of Buoy (above)  will…because water is a medium that holds you quietly, but firmly, but only according to its own rules. Much like love, It shifts and changes, can be a fury or the gentlest of touch. It moves to engulf you, or it may hold you in the palm of its ‘hand’. Whichever, it is in control.

The days grow shorter here. Mornings these days start with fog rolling down, or up the river, depending upon the tide. Watching nature is a genuinely nurturing activity and I spend a lot of my time here observing it.

A foggy view from here
Foggy morning view    Ahhhh




The Bear River is a tidal river.

Salty seawater is pushed into enclosed spaces to create massive tides in the Bay of Fundy and the water from there reaches into the Annapolis Basin through what is called The Gap. Here, it gets further compressed and creates the highest tides in the world. The water pushes up the river melding with the fresh water from the hills inland from Bear River. I watch from my home hallway up the hill and marvel anew each day at the strength and wonder that is Mother Nature. I hope we humans don’t annialate her, it will be our own destruction you see.

I am slowly corralling and collating a series of small and large works to have a sale in the near(ish) future, stay tuned my friends. Life is short and if you want joy and bauty in your life your time is near. Folks who own my work from ages ago still wrtite to ell me of the joy it brings them even years later. The investment in art may seem large initially but its like fine furniture, it stands the test of time and grows old with you. It creates memories and most of my life’s work has cantered upon imbuing a sense of peace into each image I create.

Even “Buoy”, (above) with its crashing waves, has peace in its strength of purpose. it is grounded, so to speak, and illustrates that even n the most tempestuous times in our lives something  can tethers us, and keeps us grounded.

Work in Progress

These days I have a ‘few’ new pieces on the go and plans for about a million others, as usual.

Here, I am working on another birch tree. Who doesn’t live the look of birch seems “universal” (in a North American context) What is it that attracts us to these trees, their distinctive bark, their penchant for being one of the to leaf out. Their colours in the fall? Their brilliant green first leaves? The way they rustle in the fall?

Stay tunes folks this work is in progress !!!



ocean waves crash against a lighthouse
Lighthouse Waves

Crashing against the relentless rocks and the lighthouse this image responds to hte power of, the energy of the ocean. This particular light house in in Newfoundland but its ilk can be found all along the north eastern shores of our country.

It’s quiet power gave me strength.


all for now

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Life is An Art

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