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Spring !!

Riverstones Studio
Life is an Art
Phillips Curran, visual artist

As we age in this life, we all gather symbols to tell us spring is here…these days mine is magnolia.
My personal signs for spring have adapted to my new surroundings. The garden zone I’ve moved to is much kinder, milder than the one I came from. I can start my seeds earlier and the frost is later. A few days or weeks difference makes a difference! More time to be outside puttering! So far here, the trees have not yet started to blush. My magnolia tree is still sleeping, its furry buds waiting for just the right moment. It won’t be long before all the trees and bushes begin their rush, their collective sigh of relief that the world is still spinning on its axis.
Springing to life is an art
Spring is on its way here now, the full moon of this month heralds its awakening. On my walks, either uphill or uphill, (it’s the nature of Bear River), tell me that some species are shifting. I see many more deer together in the field above and below my house. I found the red-tailed hawk’s nest this past week. My hyacinth is working its way skyward on the south side. The garlic is peeking above the layer of compost I put over it in the fall. The tiniest hint of sap in the buds is beginning to appear, indicated by a shift in colouration at the tips of the poplars. This tells me we aren’t long before everything bursts forth with a spirited energy.

My personal energy is low, but I smell the scent of ice fading in the air, and the North Atlantic “breezes” are fresh with tales from the south. I know I have enough time to do everything I will do,… no more, no less.

In the studio, I am ruminating, looking for a shift in the physical arrangements for the summertime. I am also doing drawing lessons with my grandson, via the Internet, and have now been promoted to a project tutor, of a sort. When was the last time you had a chance, or inclination, to draw the human nervous’ circulatory system? Teaching someone to draw is so very interesting. We really do all see the world very differently.

My catalogue is growing slowly. I’m documenting new and older work at the same time. My online presence is practically a requirement for artists of my pay grade. So I must learn to navigate that world. You can help me by sharing my newsletter, Instagram, or website info with someone who may appreciate it.
You can see my whole catalogue here

“There is no bad art”, someone said to me a long while back, and it has stuck with me. I’m just looking for the folks who appreciate my perspective and connect with it in some fashion. Art is one of those things that “you know it when you see it”…. So let’s let them see it. Share the love!

Peace and love

You can find me at Teichert Gallery in Halifax
And in Bear River at The Flight of Fancy

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Phillips Curran
Bear River Nova Scotia Canada

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