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Canadian Artist Karen Phillips Curran
A Realist, of a Sort

Seasoned, contemporary, Canadian artist.

I was conceived in Newfoundland, grew up in Nova Scotia and the Ottawa valley. My Airforce father gave me a grounding in discipline. My artistic mother encouraged my creative sensibility.

Like most of us, I painted and drew from an early age. A facility with the pencil garnered me a place in a high school dedicated to art education. There, drawing and painting were only the beginning; studies included art history, life drawing, drafting, illustration and typography, ceramics and printmaking, and once in a while I went to my math and history classes.


Armed with a boatload of skills, I have been able to make my living with art. I made my own way. I worked as a  pasteup artist, a PMT operator, a graphic artist, drafts’man’, cartoonist and technical illustrator in the early years. Then I taught art to children in my rural studio.  For over 17 years, I was the Head Scenic Artist, at Canada’s National Arts Centre, painting their seasonal theatre production sets for both English Theatre and Theatre Francais.  A sense of monumentality, coordination and speed are basic requirements for theatre set painting. Large-scale painting became second nature to me, enabling me to do some wonderful private murals on walls and floors. My work can also be seen in several national museums. My watercolours and acrylic paintings have been exhibited in Ontario, as well as internationally; in Bermuda and the southern USA. In 2011 my 25th-anniversary exhibit in Bermuda was a milestone.


I love to work in series. Each one begins a new realm of possibilities and offers me a chance to gradually build upon a theme.

For many years, the walls, windows and gates of Bermuda held my interest. Texture, and the soft winter light there offered me opportunities to paint and sell her architectural watercolours for 25 years at the Windjammer Gallery, the Bermuda Society of the Arts, and at the Dockyard Arts Centre. Her work was included in The Bermuda Museum of Art in the Exhibit "200 years of painting in Bermuda".

During part of that same period, my watercolour studies of water washed stones became a series I secretly call twilight stones. These watercolours examine in-depth, (so to speak) the interaction of stones and the water flowing over them.

"The stone was there before the wind, before the man, before the dawn: its first movement was the first music of the river." - Pablo Neruda

My third main series is called local colour. Working in acrylic, I combs the hills and dales of my neighbourhood and depict it in graceful, swatches of colour and shape.

Recently I've has embarked upon a series called Sign Language. With it, I explore the symbolic language of sign and symbol, in its cultural context.

Find Me

Ever the wanderer, and now returning to my roots here in Nova Scotia, in Bear River. My home and studio provide inspiration galore! Come visit the studio, virtually or in person.

You can follow the Bear River Artists' Trail here https://bearriverartists.com/

My work is available at the Blue Mind Gallery and the Flight of Fancy Art Gallery in the heart of Bear River.

In Halifax you can find me at Teichert Gallery in the Nova Scotia Museum of Art


If you have questions for her, or want to arrange a studio visit please call me at 902 247-5141.  You can email me at riverstonesstudio@gmail.com.


working up high!

Karen Phillips Corran

Wow what a treat. Working up high has a certain quality to it. A bit dangerous, so great care in one's movements must be taken. And the grand gesture can be made for visual puch from a distance.