Acrylic painting of a fishing buoy in water

Life is an art in the summertime!


Life is an art in the summertime.

My home in Nova Scotia is a place for lupins to thrive.

Summer is a tad short in Canada, so every day that is summer, is here to live love and laugh your way through it. 

It is a time of tremendous growth, my second crop of peas is almost ready! 


by Karen in July of ‘23

My newer acrylic painting, “Buoy”, awaits you at the Teichert Gallery in downtown Halifax. It is a mid-sized piece at 16” x 40”.


Click here to see the whole piece














Waterlily, Floating


This new piece (above) is about that feeling you get floating, in soft warm water, as if you are a lily flower. See more of the image here….

I’ve been in the studio regularly for the past few months… *( well, as regularly as I can manage) 

New work is in process and I am cataloguing sketches and older watercolours. The sketches will be and are now, for sale for 25$ each plus shipping. (in Canada 25$)



My whole catalogue

Artists retreat

My home in Nova Scotia is a place for lupins to thrive.

I have space for artists to come do a residency here. A bedroom and a studio space waiting for you.  The countryside quiet is a great way to find your voice, get ready for a show, explore an idea, and open your creative heart. 

Month-long stays are encouraged but you can stay for any part of that time. The month gets you a comfy bedroom, a 12×12 studio room, a shared kitchen and living areas, laundry, a shared bathroom and a priceless amount of inspiration.

Watch the tidal river come and go, walk in the woods or fields, on the beaches and discover the local lighthouses. A new walking trail has opened nearby and the world is your oyster here. 

I’m around for discussions, and finding and sharing what you may require.


Here is the link

Bear RiverNova Scotia

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