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Sound the Retreat!

Sound the Retreat!

A little bit of heaven in Bear River Nova Scotia
A Little bit of Heaven in Bear River Nova Scotia

What IS an artists’ retreat anyway?

Retreat implies running away, but I prefer to think of it as running toward and leaving behind, albeit temporarily. A retreat is a place where you can focus on your work, or a project or just be inspired!!!

I am offering an artists’ retreat in my home here in Bear River, the “Switzerland” of Nova Scotia. A comfortable room to sleep in and a studio… We will share the kitchen, living areas and the grounds.

I’ve been to many self-directed artists’ retreats in my many years as an artist. (50 years next year!)

In the early days, I would take time away from responsibilities to go paint a series of works, in a new place. While there, my eyes could be opened to new patterns, both literally and figuratively. I went to the Laurentian Hills to paint the fall colours. Then there was Newfoundland, where I fell in love with the simplicity of maritime architecture and later had my heart captured by the ocean. In Vermont, I discovered the serenity of  Appalachia. I spent time in Bermuda and had a 25-year career there in some of the best galleries on the Island. I wandered to Mexico and did watercolours of the colourful architectural esoterica, gates, palapa rooves, and especially corporate signage. (Like Coca-Cola). In my 50’s I wandered Europe for months, doing plein air watercolours of the streets I travelled, and going to museums of art … ( I saw a LOT of art).

So can you imagine the possibilities?

…maybe you have a project you want to complete but need to limit distractions in order to complete it. Or maybe like me, you want your eyes open to explore new surroundings. It’s why I am offering an artists’ retreat at my place here in Nova Scotia. Here on the hillside of the Bear River, time slows down. This ancient tidal river offers you a slow-paced perspective. The Bay of Fundy is not far and the connected waterway of the Annapolis Basin is even closer. The waters rise and fall with a regularity that syncs you with Mother Nature. She breathes new life into your art practice. Come, relax in your own room, take up space in my big old studio or choose a private room here for your work. I have plein air easels to get you painting outside.
A view of the river at the bottom of the lane.
The Bear River at low Tide

Inspiration is all around you.

The walk downhill to the river is a marvellous way to find the inspiration you are looking for. Waterbirds are attracted to the mudbanks and the daily influx of fresh sweet water creates a special environment. The sea water tide pushes in each day.  Downriver they dig for clams, fish for lobsters, scallops and haddock and more. A river of a distinct environment is a means to an end. The liquid landscape is engaging, and different each day, twice a day. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world and the effects of that are felt here each day. The breath, in and out, of Mother Nature. What you do with this is entirely up to you…you can go further afield and walk the old railway trail, visit the lighthouses, or venture down the historic French Shore and the mythical Evangeline Trail. You can go whale watching and walk the trails on Brier Island, a short trip away.
There’s more.
More than I can say here now because your experience here will be your own. Maybe use your time here to explore an idea or a new style, and delight in the comfort of a studio and time with your own inspiration.  Enjoy the quiet of a country day.

I’m taking bookings for summer now. Your room is $750(CDN) for a month. We will share a kitchen and facilities, but you will have your own space. We can interact as much or as little as you prefer, your choice. I’m not your Mom. I can be your elder if you wish. Ask me anything.

Starting May 1

Bookings can be made here online at my Airbnb listing

Or contact me directly for some consideration.

We can also talk on the phone or video if you wish. Message me to arrange a time. 

If you know someone who may be interested would please you do me the favour of forwarding this email to them? I would be ever so grateful!

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