sweet spot

Each moring for many years Arraynow i have had a general routine, awaken gently with the light, stretch my feet, make coffee, read in bed for a while (or more) with my coffee, then yoga, and this is when my creative mind clicks in. Maybe I process what I’ve been reading but mostly I solve problems, create intentions, and get ready for life. I have a small notebook at hand where I write down my revelations. I use it to guide my day….but…… If i go past my paint brushes at this time i invariably get into something, fix an issue, hurredly but sincerely draw on a blank canvas, or, seach for a piece I have an idea about. I alwalys have a stack of paintings in various stages that I am involved in creating.

This means my life has a long term flow. Ive been an artist all my life. The flow is eternal in my consiousness. I recall deciding not to be a vetreinarian but an artist. It came at a time when i was taking drawing classles from a woman in our apartment building and just after I did what was reproted to be an amazing drawing of a vet in her office with a pet….as Dr Suess said so eloquently, “Oh the places you’ll go …”

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