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Life is indeed a work of art, for me, for you too?

We gradually learn the dance, the ups the downs,  the crowns and the thorns.

As a teenager, I had gone to Buddist meditation sessions, and before that, had attended Quaker meetings (which involve several minutes of silence at each meeting). I was hungry, and they served food afterwards, at both meetings. I learned important lessons at the time that I was unaware of …at the time. I was hungry in many ways.
Most  mornings I do a series of yoga poses. I have for many years. I learned basic Hatha yoga from a woman I knew named Ineka. In the small Ontario town I had chosen to live in, she had too, she taught us what she knew, yoga.  Most of us were from somewhere else>

Almost 50 years hense…my life is an accumulation of the art of life all this time. It is like this image, it includes reflections, both real an imaginary. I make connections to the world around me with my subject, my sense of colour, texture, balance and conflict. As each years piles upon another my imagery takes on new dimensions, new subjects, new pain, new joy…

I am at home in my studio a lot these days this time of isolation is easy on my, I am used to it and want to take more time in my day to reach out to you all. We can be intimidated by isolation or revel in it. What are you doing in your time away from the world, how are you coping with being alone with yourself?

I am creating…

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