Twilight Stones1 watercolour 22x30


Water, the stuff of life.
Water saved my life, more than once.
I spent most of my childhood immersed in water every day, swimming back and forth.
During all those hours I would try to get perspective on my life, my problems.
In the early 90s, I found myself uprooted, and so naturally, I just started painting what was in front of me, the stones beneath the surface of my beloved water. I was at Lake Simcoe, on an island, and I painted rubble of glacial moraine that tumbled and rolled beneath the crystal waters of Lake Simcoe. It mimicked the rubble of what my life had become.  The challenge distracted me, I could divert my energy into the challenge of creating the imagery I saw in front of me. I had spent the first few weeks there just sitting on the dock staring at the water trying to work out what would happen to me, where I would go, who I would be next because my life had been turned upside down, stolen from me by circumstance and pride.  Hidden from friends and family, unbeknownst to most, my life was in shambles.
The rocks saved my life, gave me a reason to be.
Here is the first full sheet watercolour I called

“Twilight Stones” (sorry it sold right away)

Twilight Stones1 watercolour 22x30
Twilight Stones1 watercolour 22×30
River Rocks watercolour on paper 21x29"
River Rocks watercolour on paper 21×29″


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