Watercolour painting of the light reflecting underneath the surface.

The Time it Takes

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Watercolour pai ting of the light reflecting underneath the surface.
Watercolour, 22×30 inches

People often ask me how long a piece takes to create. these days I tell them almost 50 years, as long as I have been practicing my art.

There is no clock in my studio. time takes on a different value here. It moves to its own drummer. I often put an album on repeat when I am here. That way no change in atmosphere can break my paint spell.

Sometimes the day passes in a flash- other times each second is experienced, recorded, with full awareness.

The scratching of the brush whilst laying on a scumble often attracts my attention. The sound tells me something I need to know about the paint. The tug or the pull or glide of the brush tells me a tale that I, as the artist, only knows.

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