a watercolour on canvas painting

the time has come

Bear River is my home. I’m very much inspired by the view, the people, the geography, the sea, the lupins, the air, the trees, the sun, the rain, the fog on the far hills…. everything in fact. Below here is an historic image of where I am in Bear River. Elizabeth still lives next door to me here. The image is taken from across the road, uphill from me…

My studio is taking a while to set up. I’m allowing it to be a slow process in the hopes that I set it up well, for a lifetime left of creating.

We never know where life will lead us, some have a rockier path than others, some take more risks. Some cling to their familiarity, some days I wish I were that sort, but alas I clearly am not.

What do you cling to?


Life is very much a work in progress. The process is what I’ve always been attracted to, the challenge of whatever the deed…a painting, washing a floor, getting somewhere, analysis of projects, making a meal, watering a garden…… what are your favourite processes, what grounds you?


NOVA SCOTIA is once again open for visitors, and as my studio developed into something resembling organized, you are welcome to stop in by chance or better yet send me a message an email or call, and I will make sure I am here when you come.


riverstonesstudio@gmail.com      or    phillipscurran.ca

Distractions I work on a daily basis to bring things up to some semblance of organisation, and usability. There is comfort in knowing where things are, where they go. I have always found it helps with my creativity because this innate knowledge alleviates distractions. No more searching means less time being distracted from the task at hand….


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