the seasons

by Karen Phillips Curran

They say time flies when you are having fun, these days are whipping by at a breakneck speed.
This winter I was I Bermuda for a month of sun warmed painting. Work flows easier when the days are unfettered by the concerns of everyday life and your only mission is to paint. I’ve been painting in Bermuda since 1986 when I first ventured to the island in search of inspiration. My work has sold here ever since. These days you can find pieces of mine at the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard. I love the light the texture of Bermuda and the colours are to die for. The sense of age and sunbaked time embodies my favourite places there. The people themselves are warm and generous.
Since my return I have been the beneficiary of the everyday miracles of medical science and my failing sight has been restored. A rare iris melanoma in my eye was responsible for greatly diminished sight, a darkening of the light, which has now been restored. Colour, light and my life has been returned to me, for an artist this is truly a wonderful gift.
The National Arts Centre has taken my attention since my surgery. I’ve painted at least one set for each stage there this year. The work I do there helps pay the bills but more than that it fosters a ‘monumental’ dimension to my work.
The month of June will see my Stones paintings at the Arts Centre at Brockville, Ontario. My work will hang in the lobby of the theater. The ‘Water & Stones’ images explore lake and riverside water and stone’s reflection and movement.
My own gallery/studio The Riverstones Gallery, in ‘downtown’ Burnstown, will be open Tuesday to Sunday 12-5pm starting in June. We are about an hour from Ottawa, at the crossroads of Renfrew, Calabogie, Arnprior and White Lake, beside the beautiful Madawaska River. You won’t regret a visit to our marvelous collection of artist’s studios, cafés and shops.
See you soon!