The Importance of Art in Home Décor

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The importance of art in home décor cannot be underestimated. Art has the power to transform a space from drab to fab, instantly.

Long ago, cavemen decorated their cave walls with artistic paintings. It’s human nature to want to express ourselves through art, and to have it surround us wherever we may be. Think of all the places you’ve visited that came alive because of the art on the walls. Without art, life would be so depressingly boring.

Art in home décor says something about the people who live in that home. Art tells a story without saying words. If you were to go into a home and see paintings of race cars on the wall, it’s likely a man who likes sports and energetic races lives there. Or if you visited a home with paintings of pretty flowers on the wall, all in pink, you’re likely to find a lady who likes delicate, beautiful things around her to enliven her life.

Art helps define a space. It provides a focal point for each room it’s in. When you enter a room, your eye typically goes to the dominant piece of art hanging on the wall right away. This is the power of art– it draws people in. As a focal point, the piece of art becomes something people talk about. Homeowners typically like when guests ask about the art on their walls, as it starts good conversations about people’s hobbies, interests and loves.

Meanwhile, art helps create a color palette for rooms. Otherwise boring white walls can really be transformed into something prettier thanks to artworks in certain colors. For instance, say someone loves the nautical theme. Their art can reflect that, with lots of blue-colored art on the wall, such as whales, waves, boats, and dolphins. Rather than paint the walls blue, art is a quick and easy way to create a color palette on the wall(s), giving rooms a certain, distinct feel.

Ontario, Canada’s, Karen Phillips Curran, is known for creating beautiful watercolours and acrylic paintings. Many homeowners love her works of art because they help define their rooms, and, indeed, their lives. Focusing on the tranquillity of nature, Karen’s works capture water, land, clouds and the sky well. Please email her at to ask about her work and see if she can create art that will help define your home.

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