Distant Hills Early Spring - 16x16" -acrylic on canvas -$300


Its autumn now and the colours here in Ontario are at their best right now, today this afternoon! The people who are supposed to stay home are following each other down the road. I wonder at it all.
Fall has been the subject of not a few of my pieces, its fun to play with the vibrant tones of this season. If you have never seen fall in Eastern Canada, you should treat yourself! I love to watch as I wander the backroads to here and there, (the dump, the grocery). Its all a sight for sore eyes’ as they say, and only lasts a while. Some autumns are shorter than pthers, some drag on for weeks gradually lifting the veil of green to yellow, orange read rust and then grey… 

is it the transitory nature of the days in fall that make it as attractive as spring? What is your opinion on that. 

The sun is lower in the sky here in my part of the world. At about 45 degrees north our daylight hours grow smaller each day, culminating in December where once again the light begins to return. We all breathe a sigh of relief and wait for the light and warmth to bring us out of winter.

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