Sunday walk

by Karen Phillips Curran

Wandering is good for you, noticing is what artists are supposed to do, its one of the things we do best I think. Today I wandered. Bermuda roads are twisty, small, and even on a Sunday, busy. Here, the protocol is to walk with traffic, rather than against it. Trust is a big part of the equation for the pedestrian. It takes some getting used to.

Its a warm still morning. The air is muggy. Scents linger in the stillness. The last of the freesias accost my senses. Where are they, nearby in a hidden field or glen? I wander inland through a path, to a small bay.  In here, the scents abound, ‘green’ is the overpowering one. Mosses cover anything older than my son. I am reminded of my father’s Old Spice after shave, in the rich scent of bay spice trees as I brush past them.