Summer Works (In Progress)

by Karen Phillips Curran

“Summer Works (In Progress)” is the theme at the gallery right now. I am working hard this summer, using a new found creative fire to keep on paintin’. A steady stream of a few new series’ has kept me busy this summer. Right now there are watercolours of fabulous dancing shadows on the downstairs easel. In the upstairs studio, I rotate between a new gold encrusted trompe l’oeil collage series and a new evening landscape series, and at the same time finishing off the chakras yoga series.

I will be leaving it behind soon, as I get nearer to my return to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, to construct and paint the season opener in the theatre, Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. The set will be a challenge. It is what I love most about theatre, the constant challenge to think outside the box. The designer decides upon an idea and we must work out how to effectively, efficiently and convincingly to create an effect, and sense of place that cannot be found anywhere else other than the imaginations of the designer, director and playwright.

Till then, I paint. Happily