summer light

by Karen Phillips Curran
Ahh, summer is in full swing. I find myself entranced once again, by light. Dancing shadows on walls, windows, shutters, gates and columns capture my imagination. Large watercolours veer towards the abstract, as light and colour dance together on the paper. Monumentalism embeds itself as my vision creeps closer to the subject. Colour rages vibrantly, as my lost sight returns and the joy of pure rich colour is like a prodigal son returning from far away. I revel in the rush of dense layers of colour on the paper.

I work in two studios at once, upstairs and down. Watercolours in one area and acrylics in another. Right now I have four separate series on the go, a sense of exploration is pushing me ahead. Rich landscapes, in bold acrylic, and a collage series using gold and red oxide take up the space upstairs. As well, I am working on a series depicting yoga poses related to chakras… is pure joy.