studio time

by Karen Phillips Curran


ahh where does the time go?
Working quietly in the studio today. I say quietly, but it is interspersed with periods of song. I often sing while I am painting, and dance. (I can’t actually carry a  tune in a bucket but hey I’m alone so who cares?) The actions energize me, and the work.
Right now I am working on some undulating keyboard images that will become small floorcloths. I am doing two at a time here and one is upside down, so can move the board around and not be distracted by the other image. It also gives me a chance to see the image as an abstract, so I can check composition.
But today my paint brush has been all over the proverbial map. I painted a silver coat on a gate that will eventually grace my studio wall, a piece of theatre that will involve my bathroom door. I couldn’t resist. Right now it is outside leaning against the wall, drying.
I also went at my cabin, and screen door. First priming them, because much of the paint used here has been oil based, so priming was a safe bet.
The O’Brien theatre doors I have been working on for a while now are done, they wait quietly in the corner, they need three layers of topcoat to keep greasy popcorn hands from ruining the paint job.
I am still just getting used to the new space and am spending a lot of mental time wondering, pondering about how I can make this space work for me, monetarily. Lots of people have ideas for me, solutions….but I will of course go my own way. I’m like that.