stained glass challenge

by Karen Phillips Curran

Set painting, always a challenge. I paint the sets at the NAC and a new designer always means a new challenge. The challenge this time, for the production of Falstaff is to create back lit stained glass window, without using stained glass of course, this is theatre after all and nothing is as it seems. So plexiglass becomes stained glass with the use of waxed paper and glaze to create a clouded cast glass look. It is meant to be renaissance period glass and so no Fancy stuff. Some colours will appear via the use of coloured tissue. Foam insulation, the king you would use to place around your door frame will work as leading. All this and a bit of scenic paint and some lights and voila, we will have it.
Now that the technique is agreed upon between the designer and I, off we go.
It goes on stage on Thursday, we have some work to do…