A little bit of heaven in Bear River Nova Scotia

Sound the retreat! (Artist’s retreat that is)

Small paintings of clouds on an easel
Some clouds in the works

We all need a little time away to rejuvenate our “creative selves”.  In October of last year, I went to Newfoundland for a month long stay at Bareneed Studios on the Port de Grave peninsula. I had been planning the visit for a few years. I found some sweet inspiration there and the time away from responsibilities at home was a boon to me. (I had been renovating for a few months)
The new landscape gave me visions to resource for some time. I was engulfed daily in creating those visions and made progress. I did 47 pieces while there! It was a delicious experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an art retreat I have news for you… I have one here in Bear River. I am opening my place to creative women who want to rest and rejuvenate!
There is a work room and a bedroom and will make space for you in my studio if you prefer.
The surrounding area is full of inspiration, the hills the woods, tidal river, and the village has cafes and galleries and houses on stilts -to accommodate the rising tides. Close by there are waterfalls, ocean beaches, tides that boggle the mind, trails, lighthouses and vistas to inspire even the most stalewart of folk. I have plein air easels, and a stool you my borrow to go adventuring. The river is a short walk downhill and is always a different scene. Ducks, seabirds, geese and eagles grace the skies and enjoy the water’s surface.
If you want instruction or critiques we can arrange that too. Self service meals are what you will find here. We can discuss sharing dinners but there is a wide array of takeout food available here as well, a local woman makes sushi and another does Thai, there are several other home grown meal types available in the village. There is a restaurant or two and a great new pizza spot has opened up…
What’s stopping you from living your dream of creation?
Call or write me now

Here is the link to the AirBNB site if you prefer to start there…at 25$ per night you can’t go wrong…


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