There are many definitions for settling/
Recently, I found myself moving far from home, (yes during the pandemic, that’s how desperate/determined I was).

So now I am in the process of settling,
I am finding new places for old things.
Establishing new routines that work for me here.
Settling accounts for the massive undertaking that is called moving across the country.
I am looking for the best grocery store, bakery, hardware, second-hand clothes and so on.
and scouring the area for the best views.
Searching for places of serenity.
I’m trying to find my place in my local ‘society’.
I am letting the hard nasty deposits of my former life sink to the bottom.
I will decant later.

a small portion of the new view from my window in Bear River Nova Scotia
the new view, Bear River valley Nova Scotia


I didn’t plan to move. Last summer I planted several wonderful lilac bushes and lots and lots of bulbs, I had spent tonnes of my little old lady energy transplanting things friends and neighbours offered me. My home was becoming resplendent with life and comfort. The look of the thriving Tansy plants from the dining room window soothed me. The large feathery leaves and tight yellow buds of flowers represented strength to me. The lilacs were eventually going to be gorgeous! The forsythia would herald spring to me in a way nothing else does. My studio was bright warm and full of all the potential a place like that holds. I spent thousands of hours of my life in that room, creating, loving being gripped by the emotion that propelled my work.

I had to leave it all behind.
It broke my already tattered heart.
The last love of my life treated me wrong, and would not relent.
So I packed my bags to create a life for myself elsewhere.
It’s hard work. But It’s worthy work, and once you start to feel settled it’s the most wonderful work.
I’m at the wonderful part right now.
Life is an art I always say and it is, really. We create ourselves each and every day. The world makes some things imperative, you yourself are in charge of different imperatives.

In my isolation time, I took some time to revision my website. I hope I have created something a little more comprehensive and malleable. I have a vast collection of work from the past. Some of it has never been seen, other works have been shown around for a long time but have yet to find that one person that it connects with.
Each piece is individual and is a part of me. Each piece also has the potential to reach another in a way that cannot be predicted.

Today I heard from a man who bought a small watercolour of mine 40 years ago. It still hangs on his wall and reminds him of many things I have no part of. Just imagine…

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