Rural Architecture watercolours

I’m painting again. It’s been some time now. For one reason or another I’ve not been in touch with my watercolour brushes. Making art is like that, sometimes your life experience, its ebbs and flows are what needs attention, they are in fact, my muse. I’ve learned to go with the flow on these days, recognize their significance and store them for fodder when the brushes are in your hand.
But enough of me –
Our disappearing iconic rural architecture that’s what these new full sheet watercolours (22”x30”) works are.
So – why rural architecture? I live in the country, have for most of my life. Cities are cool, I like cities, but I prefer to live in the country. I see these structures as a bit nostalgic, a bit grande, a bit spooky sometimes and a big part of our history as Canadians, and… a big part of the visual landscape of my life.
I don’t profess to know much about agriculture, but I know what I like in a tiny out of the way church, the meeting halls, barns of all sorts, century homes long abandoned, one room schoolhouses and oh my, backs of sheds, barnyards…enough for a lifetime of paintings…

I will be showing some at the Perth Autumn Studio Tour on Thanksgiving Weekend, appropriately enough in Franc Van Oort’s barn, stop 6 on the tour here’s the map and the website.
Hope to see you all there! I’ll have my nostalgic cards and small ‘prints’ with me.


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