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Water is my most prevalent muse.

I must admit even puddles entrance me…

 Like my life, it flows, rages, trickles, stagnates, surrounds any obstacle then continues on its journey. 

Stones with Lilies 22x30 mounted watercolour $975 plus shipping.
Stones with Lilies 22×30 mounted watercolour ($975 plus shipping.

“Stones and Lilies” is a 22x 30 watercolour on paper mounted on 1.5″ deep cradleboard, ready to hang in your home.

$975 plus shipping.

The accumulation of water-washed stones tells us of time and the irrefutable strength and magnetic power of stones.
These basic elements struggle to live in harmony, soothing, rubbing and, to us, timeless. They share a dimension. They seem immortal, yet, each stone’s individuality can be examined. Who has not felt compelled to pick up and examine a washed stone? They all call out, they speak to us. The water laughs, menaces, pleads, caresses and more. It can entice us to fall under its hypnotic spell. We fall into it. We are lulled.
We can dream our dreams

See more of Karen’s work soon at The Riverstones Studio in Springtown, Ontario.


Images of the Madawaska


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