by Karen Phillips Curran
"Rooflines" 12x12" acrylic on boxed canvas

“Rooflines” 12×12″ acrylic on boxed canvas $350

Bermuda rooflines

Here is one, of a long series discovering the many shapes and colours of the Bermuda roof. Their typical structures are at once practical, (used to collect rainwater for household use) and magical, in their symmetry and the way they reflect light. These whitewashed stepped distinctive rooves are similar to winter scenes in Canada for their colouration and linear qualities. They present challenges in both texture and contrast. These elements define the work in the eye of the viewer. At the same time, those unfamiliar with these typical rooflines are mystified by them. This piece firmly depicts their structure, their sense of sky and the vastness of the nearby water. The blues and purples are renderings of what is seen in that environment.