H2O Keys 1 – Acrylic Painting

by Karen Phillips Curran

H2O Keys 1 12×48 $550

H2O Keys is an example of my acrylic paintings featuring piano keys. Jazz was the inspiration for my first “Undulating Keys,” commissioned by the National Arts Centre, in 2010, to accompany Ruth Abernathy’s bronze sculpture of Oscar Peterson. Like the music, the work snakes and swirls. As the piano keys move in a playful dance full of rhythm and vitality, they create a song picture of striking monumentality and speak of the power of music to engage us. Since its inception, I have done several of these undulating keys. In each, I am endeavouring to depict, with paint, what the music says to me, how it makes me feel. Very often I will listen to the same tune or type of music over and over as I paint, allowing its undulating rhythms to direct the work. 

Size 12×48″