Grenn and Yellow house facade Newfoundland

newfoundland art trip

Over the many years that I have been a  practicing artist, patrons have helped by supporting my painting trips.

My first trip was autumn to the Mont Tremblent area in Quebec. It was in the 80’s and a lovely little room was secured because of their support. I painted the ancient colourful hills, from the vantage point of the ski area. The place was deserted…Everyone recieved a fall landscape in watercolour.

Next was Vermont, then Bermuda…a cottage in Newfoundland and farmsteads in Nova Scotia…

I am on my way to Newfoundland now, in october . I am going to ‘Bareneed’ an artists residency on the Port de Grave penninsula. The sea is at my doorstep and the scenery is rugged and wonderful.

I will be working with my old friends watercolours and my new buddies,  acrylics. I will probably be working on paper and framing or mounting the work when I get home. My plan is to work small and up to 22×30, the size of  a watercolour sheet

The time alone will be rejeuvenating and the landscape of the place is humbling, its monumentality a record…

So I am looking for your support. There are a few spaces left to sponsor me in my artistic endeavour. Whatever you invest (100$ and up) will double towards a painting you adore.

Send me a mesage and we can talk more I’ll answer any questions you have.


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