Newfoundland residency

I’m loving being on the water here on the Port de Grave penninnsula in Newfoundland. Its motivating, energizing and is clearly pushing me beyond my own boundaries. I’m taking this time here to experiment with materials and subject matter.

It’s not that I don’t usually experiement, but because I have been paintng for a very long time I do have places I go to artistically that are usual, regular and like a chat with an old friend, we may even go over some territory we already visited, but are happy to revisit.

The constant light show, with its shifting moods and colours are what has me entranced. Its been overcast most of the time ive been here making the periods where sunlight bursts through seem even more bright than they might have otherwise.

The gulls are few but when they swoop by my window I am carried along with them in my imagination. Their flight seems effortless and they let the wind take them places.

The power of the ocean was a big paart of the first few weeks. A hurricane far off shore drew


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