"Spring Breakup" acrylic on canvas 12"x 24"


I am most inspired by light. My subject matter may change and shift, but light remains the constant. Sometimes it’s the light through the trees, or on a path, in a puddle. Other times it is the dappled light on a wall, a gate, a shutter, or a door. The contrast of a blackbird in a snow-covered field holds the same attraction. Light and contrast are visual candy. It is sweet, occasionally bittersweet. I choose a medium to suit the flavour and the intensity that I want to impart. Sometimes I use my tried-and-true watercolour, but my facility with acrylic, pastel, collage, alternative photography, or a mix of any of these, can satisfy the muse. Part of the journey is to tactilely manage the medium, with the message. I always ask myself which is the best voice to use for this . . . Unlike many other professional artists, I tend to move around my media, asking them to play with me, to capture even more of the essence required, to create the message.

Dappled Shutter Shade watercolour $790
Dappled Shutter Shade watercolour $790
[wpecpp name=”Dappled Shutter Shade” price=”790″ align=”left”]
Oblique, White Hall watercolour 21x29" on paper
Oblique, White Hall watercolour 21×29″ on paper
[wpecpp name=”Oblique White Hall” price=”790″ align=”left”]

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