stones and water watercolour

life is an art in the spring

spring has sprung
spring is definitely here in Nova Scotia.

It’s been a long slow one here this year and the danger of frost is still a possibility but the days are warm and the growth is phenomenal and mind-blowing.

I’ve been a long-distance swimmer, I grew up swimming every day with the Bayshore Barracudas. We would swim endless laps of various varieties of speed and force. But the long haul was where I was comfortable. and an 800-yard breaststroke swim was what made me feel strong and comfortable. I loved the sense of gliding through the water to the end and back again and again…

Spring though is different, it’s like a coiled snake ready to strike at an unknown moment. Or maybe like a quivering hare in the undergrowth, poised for a bolt. We wait impatiently for it at the end of winter searching for clues… geese returning, buds on the earliest plants and trees, a smell in the air…

What is the one thing that says spring to you?
We all have our own special moment when we ‘know’ spring has arrived. Here, in my new home, it’s my magnificent magnolia tree. Its furry blossom buds wait all winter, exposed to the elements but steadfast in their patience. They came this year in all their glory and shon like white rabbit ears in the warm days. I knew it was my sign, ‘spring has ‘sprung’ like my dad used to say. I could hear his voice saying so.

So with the season upon us of growth and warmth, I invite you to come to Bear River and visit the studios and shops here and experience some down-home hospitality. I have work in two galleries in the village and lots to see in my studio.

You are also welcome to come stay with me here and work on any artistic pursuits you adore. I have a room and studio space set aside just for you. Contact me directly or have a look at my AirBnB site for details.


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