Life Is An 'Art

Life Is An ‘Art

Life is an art I always say and this exhibit takes a certain perspective on those words.
Life is indeed, an art.
In this series of paintings and a sculpture, I am exploring the symbol we use to designate our heart- our emotions of passion, love, grief and adoration.
I use my cultural symbols in my art to discover and unveil a multitude of meanings. My work is highly subjective with regard to these symbols. With a lifetime of diverse influences, new meanings are synthesised. Some of these are opaque to the observer and only visible to me BUT the viewer always finds their own meaning in a piece they are attracted to!
That is fascinating
My many years as a set painter for theatre has imbued a love of texture and the play of light on the surface of the actual painting. You may notice my use of different sheens within the artwork that create movement and life as the viewer moves, it changes.
So these cultural and natural observations begin a story of love and loss. We all experience these things in our lives, sometimes fleeting sometimes seemingly embedded into our lifelong experience of what we call life.
So. Life Is An ‘Art is a play on life AND love.
Enjoy the exhibit and leave me a comment in my little book…I would love to hear about your experience with my art.
I am aware that many of you cannot come to Nova Scotia in February so I made a short video of the pieces in situ at ArtsPlace…just with you in mind. Sit back for a moment, relax and have a peek at the show.
The room the exhibit is in is called MYM Gallery. It is a small gallery space, only about 9′ x 9′. It has a lovely bank of mulliened windows on one wall, so the room is full of the ambient light of the Annpolis Basin. My years of set painting for theatre has deposited a sense for adding glazes that reflect the light and in effect make the painting move. Its something Ive been working towards for several years and do believe I have captured that essence in a few of these pieces. You really have to walk by the piece to see it in action. One of the best examples of this technique is visible in the piece entitled “Double Heart”.
Im hoping that this link to my Instagram post video will show you what I mean… the link is an experiment so bear with me if it doesn’t work…

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