ISLAND OF MY EYE, 25 years, a retrospective

THE day draws closer. Opening night of “ISLAND OF MY EYE, 25 years, a retrospective”, is Friday. Paintings were delivered yesterday, let the hanging begin, I say. Twenty-five years is a long while, and the enormity of it has really only just begun to bump into my consciousness. Realizations come in stages. Friday, when the show ┬áis set up and the people have arrived and gone home, is when the reality of may hit. We shall see…..

2012ISLAND OF MY EYE, 25 years, a retrospective

detail of a shutter stop in shade, acrylic on canvas 24×24

As I spend time preparing things, I am in touch with every piece, fondling my past and creating the future, my future.
It has been over a month of, nose to the grindstone paced work, and I hope to see a kind of achievement that satisfies…..

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