Lighthouse waves, 15x30" acrylic artt

in like a lion!

Even though blankets of new fallen snow greet me here in southwestern Nova Scotia, part of me knows that spring is on its way. My rooster, Ziggy, vehemently tells me, often, throughout the day. His actions towards the hens is another clear indication that he is ‘thinking spring’. He stands and stares at his favourite hen (Buffy), for ages, while on one leg, in case he gets his chance…

As for me, I’m in the studio a lot these days.. not too many other places to be this time of year. I don’t mind one bit.

I’m in a couple of exhibitions this year. You will see my work at the ArtsPlace members exhibition at ARCAC in Annapolis Royal March 12- April 23rd. It is a wonderful gem of an artist-run exhibition space for artists in and near the Annapolis Valley. Later, in the fall I will be at the Sissaboo Cafe in Bear River and then in Annapolis Royal. Sissaboo Coffee roasters are two wonderful cafes that host exhibits of local artists of various sorts, all year round. I will be posting the images included there for you if you are too far away to get to them. (Pssst Nova Scotia is beautiful in the fall!)

My work is also now available through Teichert Gallery in Halifax NS. For sale or rent…

I’ve been taking an online class, appropriately called, Colour,Composition and Light. Mary Gilkerson is the artist in charge and she is a very good teacher, non-judgemental and as such, fabulous at critique. She really knows her stuff, having taught art for many years in the southeastern USA. With her I am learning to reign in my usual way of doing things in order to discover new paths, new tools and new traditions. It’s a learning curve for this old gal and I’m loving the journey, even if, more often than not, the result is rubbish! Lessons abound and that is never a bad thing. Patience is required and in these slow days I’ve plenty of that to go around. I’m keenly aware that the coming of spring means life gets ramped up! The garden will start to need attention, the community greenhouse will need work.

On that note, if you are nearby and want to try a piece out I will rent it to you as well, the rental will go towards the purchase if you can’t part with it, its a great idea for businesses who want to create a fresh look in the offices…PS It’s also a legit business expense!

SO my head is in the clouds these days and they are a piece of my very fractured attention these days.

I recall reading years ago that cloud paintings actually lower blood pressure and can create a sense of well being in the viewer. Give it a try! What have you got to lose?


Lighthouse waves, 15x30" acrylic artt

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