Importance of home decor and how to buy art…

“I’ll know it when I see it.

I can’t describe it,

I’m not sure what I want,

I don’t have any wall space”

All reasons to not buy art… the moment.

A little fall display of my acrylic landscape paintings in various sizes
a fall show of work on display

The way you decorate your home talks about you. Are you attracted to certain colours or combinations of colours? Do you love landscapes or abstracts or traditional still-life paintings or drawings? Or are you in love with handmade prints or small paintings, minimalist art or busy loud or intricate work?

Ask yourself.

PSSST, it may change from day to day, or room to room…A peaceful painting in a bedroom or an exciting rendering of the human form?

Art on your wall can express who you are in ways you cannot achieve. (even if you are an artist yourself) I have several artists’ pieces that I have collected throughout the years. Some are from my old community, (the Ottawa area). Some were obtained by way of a group of women artists getting together to share their handiwork at Christmas time. Still others, were purchased while I was travelling and represent that journey to me each time I lay my eyes on them.

Suffice it to say, I have lots of art on my walls.

What is your personal style, what kind of art attracts you and what are you willing to reveal to those who visit you?

Let me know…I do many kinds of artwork and I may have something that will work for you, your environment and your personal voice.Signature





The Importance of Art in Home Décor

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