Happy Days are here

by Karen Phillips Curran

‘Well Done’ I say. The play Happy Days is up and running at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. I was there to be a part of opening night. It is a wonderful production. The play is intriguing, as Samuel Beckett explores with humour and a, barely underlying, dark sensibility. It speaks of our enduring strength in the face of our own real, or imagined, adversity. Winnie, (the main character) finds hope in the smallest things, despair is experienced than sloughed off in order to survive to the next moment. The set we created exhibits a sense of desolation, and isolation, yet has an enduring solidity to it.
My job is done. So, on to the next. I am gearing up, framing and getting the space ready, for the next exhibition here at teh Riverstones Gallery in Burnstown. Richard Gill, my neighbour and fellow artist, is setting up his fall show. Both begin on the 3rd of October continuing through Thanksgiving weekend. “The Sense of Light” are paintings, in watercolour, that explore that sense of dappled warm light. Dancing shadows intrigue me.

Soon there will be an image gallery on my website look for it!