"Fog 'n Field" acrylic with graphite on canvas and panel

still spring

I awaken.

I’m in the country.

The sound of fog is in the air. I know it before I open my eyes, it is a quiet like no other.

An early morning fisherman appears then disappears. His orange vest glows eerily until he is gone. Silently, I wish him luck.

Later the sun starts to break through the mists, and green is everywhere, the shoreline, the rising stand of cedar and spruce, the water’s reflections, and if I use my artistic insight I can get the foggy air to feel green too.

Here are two new pieces I’veĀ been working on lately. They are acrylic and graphite on canvas and board. the larger one is 43″ x 5.5″ and the smaller one is 33″ x 5.5.

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