Lighthouse waves, 15x30" acrylic artt

finding community

Its been a year now since I moved my life and art practice to Nova Scotia.

It is starting to feel like home again. Until April 23rd I’m in a members show at ARCAC IN ArtsPlace Annapolis Royal, about 20 minutes from my hillside home.  Check out the link here

I lived not far from here, when I was a child, until grade 5…So this maritime life has a place in my heart. I’ve always felt like an easterner, (we lived in Newfoundland as well).

The piece I have in this exhibition some of you have seen before. It’s an acrylic on board of the waves crashing at the Green Point lighthouse Port de Grave Newfoundland. I stayed there fr a month, and painted and am using that time to reach further into my fascination with painting water. More waterworks are on their way!

Lighthouse waves, 15x30" acrylic artt
The scene some days at the lighthouse down the road. My month in Newfoundland was wonderful fodder for my painterly soul…


At the same time, I am integrating into the arts community in many ways, and it is a diverse, somewhat magical group. The Maritimes have often been tagged as an especially creative place and it’s true. Artists and artisans of so many sorts, live and thrive here. I’m happy to be in their company as I look to see where I fit in. Life is an art in so many ways, isn’t it?

I am planning to have my studio open throughout the summer and fall… come …where I am  There are two galleries in town, a wonderful coffee roaster cafe and three restaurants and an incredible tidal river…

I am a host for artists retreats as well…more about that another time but ask if you are interested in more info about that. Send me an email

I’m always hopeful that you will share my posts, that they are interesting or helpful in some way, enriching your life with beauty and calm.



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