"Fog 'n Field" acrylic with graphite on canvas and panel

Fields, wind and fog

NewWork - wind-oval-landscapeweb.jpg
“Wind” 6×23″ diptych









A hay wagon rattles past me, again. Its dust settles on us here, country roads in the summer…that smell, the dust, the sounds…

I spend a fair amount of time on country roads, I have to in order to get anywhere from here. the sights I pass are iconic in a purely Canadian way. They reflect my environment.

Here I’ve created some interesting pairs. They are acrylic painted on canvas that is attached to wooden ovals. They are ready to hang.


NewWork - farming-oval-landscapesweb.jpg
“Farms ” 24×6 diptych










Some of these are favourite fields, all are places that made an impression on me each time I saw them. They are familiar to me.


NewWork - fog-n-field-oval-landscapesweb.jpg
Fog and Hay Field 44×6″








These are all summer images, they feel hot, sultry and dreamlike.

Let me know if you want them for your wall…$350 to 450 for the pairs…shipping would be extra.


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