by Karen Phillips Curran

A drive, a path I’ve not taken before, leads me to Cobalt Studios, nestled on the edge of the Catskills, wonder and experience anew awaits me, tantalizing me, teasing me, almost scaring me, until I settle in. A short walk through the wintery woods of New York state brings me to the workshop of Cobalt Studios. I am here for a month, time enough to learn and rehearse, then embed most of the tricks of my trade. I’m an artist who, when called upon, paints scenincly, for the theatre that is. I hope, after my time here, to finally feel comfortable calling myself a scenic artist. I think this hope my well come true. Turning hopes and dreams into reality is the stock and trade of the artist is it not?
Collabaration, risk taking, geometry, absolute rendering capabilities, strength of character and physical strength, flexibility, ingenuity, persisitance, diplomacy….just a few of the required traits to be a scenic artist.
My first of four weeks has been wonderful. The challenges met, the rhythmn comfortable. The learning curve steep, as I discover new ways to tackle old challenges. A sense of callaboration and a common goal permeates each day.
At Cobalt we work together, eat together and live together, surely a test of character, diplomacy, compassion and a healthy dose of a recognition that we are all in this together. Only working together will the job get done. Not for the faint of heart.
I am in love with it all.
Cobalt, a colour, a place, a dream, a tradition.