The art of life I’ve learned that life is lived in stages, sometimes one slips into the next unnoticed, other times the changes are abrupt. One’s circumstance can dictate your progress. One’s will helps define your limitations. Some blame their life events upon circumstance, but it has been shown to me over the 6 decades of my life, that our will can clearly overcome circumstance. Some folks appear to have been handed life on a silver platter. Those platters are, in some ways, deceitful. If you could walk a mile in their shoes one would discover the cost of those apparent gifts. The one thing I’ve been all my life, (apart from female), is an artist. As such, over the years, many hundreds of well-meaning folks have told me how lucky I am to have talent. Yet, talent alone is not nearly enough to succeed as an artist. Determination and a will to pursue art making are mandatory to be able to call oneself an artist. You cannot chase something while standing still. You cannot be an artist without an artistic practice. So that is why I say, Life is an art and art is my life.  
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life is an art

June 23, 2016
by Karen Phillips Curran
I have a drawing, mounted on board, in my kitchen. It is done with pen and ink, and a bit of wash, on newsprint, so it has yellowed and darkened considerably… Someone framed it long ago. I created it in 1971. It is a little still life, an onion, beginning to sprout, (I was living with my, not much of a cook, father at the time) When I did it, I was attending a vocational art school. It seems like yesterday, and never, at the same time…like I made it up, but I have proof… here it is…….life is an art….
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