Wherever I am I paint, draw and see….I am setting a new studio space in a place far from home. Love drives me there, is my motivation, that, and a thirst for new experiences, new visions, new warmth, new trust, new work….
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May 10, 2009
by Karen Phillips Curran
Life slips by with such speed these days…its hard to keep up! My time in Korea seems the distant past, I’ve painted two theatre productions since my return. (The Governor General Awards in the Southam Hall opera stage, as well and a most wonderful production of a Norse tale called The Changeling, for the Studio stage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.) I want to hold the images from Korea in my heart and mind a bit longer. While I was there in the midst of it, the astounding largeness of it all was overwhelming, my muse got drowned out by sheer volume of it all. Upon my return, the images of it all repeat unexpectedly, like an unfortunate pickle, abrupt, and full of the aroma of the pleasure it gave upon ingestion. The forms I recall, haunt me, their simplicity, their complexity, secured embedded by centuries of time.
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