black magic

by Karen Phillips Curran

Well, all is said and done as far as paint goes. The set for Falstaff at the National arts Centre in Ottawa is up, on stage and tech week is in full swing. I was in for the paint call, where touch ups and adjustments top the set are made, a last chance saloon type of a day. they are usually gruelling days, reliant upon process and readiness for just about anything. The floor on this set, all black, did not go down well, streaks plagued the final finish. The vagaries of glazing can lead to this kind of trouble. I have been lucky that I have not run into it too dramatically (as it were)before. So we did our best to rectify it and can only know when the set lights go back on today. Hope is the best tool in theatre, maybe praying to the great god of theatre would not hurt.
It opens on Thursday.
Now, back to preparations for the exhibition in Coldwater, framing, advertising, invitations, and so on…tally ho!