bermuda light

by Karen Phillips Curran

The transition from the cold blue light of a Canadian winter to the warm yellow light of Bermuda is, well, heartwarming.
For me Bermuda is all about the light. It is a palette of warmth. I use my cool blue for contrast, to accentuate the warmth. I am indeed enchanted by the island. the stone walls of all the buildings capture the light in ways unknown at home. Shadows dance, balmy breezes caress. I am transfixed, I have to concentrate to be aware of the rest of the world. I awaken and want to rush out to see what the day brings is the light strong, filtered angry stormy and so on. I go back to my studio and time slips by me. I speak in paint, in colour, in light.
The ambient humidity is my friend. The paper is moist and receptive. It stays alive for extended periods. I can spend lots of time on a wash, manipulating the paint pushing it here and there. the rush of my Canadian studio is gone, languid feelings envelope me. It is wonderful. I revel in the time allowed and keep moving. Paintings roll off the boards and I am very happy. Suddenly, a month of painting seems too short!
another 10 days to go…..