by Karen Phillips Curran

Some would argue that now is not a beginning, having been here for almost three months. I would argue that since I am not yet unpacked, I am still in the beginning process.
After being wrenched unceremoniously from my home on the night of April 3rd, I have had to reassemble my life in new surroundings. I found the perfect spot, in Burnstown Ontario, with a gallery space to sell my work and an apartment upstairs in which to live. I am an artist. I live to paint and paint to live. My art is my life and it propels me forward each and every day. It is my life, my salvation, my one true love. I revel in the beauty of the world around me and process how I can use art to transmit that love to others. The simple pleasure of care worn shutters, a riverbed, a wall in shade can all provide the small nurturing signpost that we are alive, and that others have been before us.