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ARTIST : definition of

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studio Karen Philllips Curran
Warm fuzzy studio daze

artist- ar-tist = a person who creates, as in; painting with watercolours, or acrylics, drawing and sketching in pencil or pen and ink, photography, sketching, charcoal, or pastels on paper or board, sculpture, metalsmithing, clay, plastics, glass, weaving and sewing, printmaking…and more than you can alone imagine

I’ve painted and drawn most of my life now.
For the past 20 years my monumental artistic endeavours were with the English and French Theatre and Governor General Awards sets at Canada’s National Arts Centre in Ottawa. It was there that I enthusiastically helped create some marvellous¬†and wonderful imagined spaces, with some of Canada’s top designers.
That part of my life is over now, I’ve retired from theatre and turn my heart directly towards my watercolours and paintings and my alternative photography. I’ve been selling my Canadiana and Riverstones watercolours here at home, my Bermudian architectural pieces in my second home of Bermuda, and the southern USA. My undulating piano key series appeals to music lovers worldwide.

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