reassembling life

by Karen Phillips Curran

Ahhh moving….
the bain of many a life. Psychologists will tell you its one of the more stressful things that can happen in life, after the death of a loved one or divorce. Then again, it kind of is both of those things, the death of a life and a divorce from what was.

There are folks I know who have lived in the same place most of their life, I’m not one of them.
I don’t think I would get any prize for the most moves in a lifetime, but suffice to say I haven’t stayed still for long…its not that I get disgruntled, or bored with a place, its more along the line of external forces pushing me to go, and, I let it push…
I made a rash decision on October 1st last year and followed through and here I am in Bear River, Nova Scotia, its been a heady period of time, fraught with worry and wonder. I bought a house without ever having seen it. The place is pretty much as I imagined, or will be shortly.
The view here is beyond lovely and will provide me with the kind of inspiration I need on a daily basis. I’m up high in this tidal river valley and the play of light, the long range view of activity and stasis is endessly entertaining. Yesterday I watched as a hawk patrol the fields nearby. 

My studio is currently being set up in a spare bedroom because the “real” studio needs some renovations before it can be used.

One of the more interesting parts of this process is that I am reassembling the life I left, in a new configuration.  Its a bit of an existential idea and I love that!

So stay tuned.

Life is indeed an art.