moving on

Life is indeed an art. My life has led me down many roads. We are ususally forced from our places of comfort and stability by forces beyond us. Forces beyond my control are sending me on a journey this time too. I am glad for the opportunity it offers me.

I will be packing up my Springtown Studio and moving to the shores of the bay of Fundy. Yes indeed.

I want to offer al my friends and patrons a chance to lighten my load, to purchace a piece of mine before I pack it all away.

studio light

I’ve been busy archiving my work of late, and have made some headway, but the best way to find your ‘window on the world’ for your wall is to come for a visit. The studio is clean and we will wear masks and I have hand sanitizer for you, as well as a paint sink that you can wash up at…my studio is spacious and there are a ‘million’ hidden gems inside it. Come find yours ! Or book a video call and we can go through what I have that way! The option is yours.

This is the link to my art archive.  Prices are listed and almost all, at this point, are negiable. I want you to have the work that strikes you. I want to share my vision with you, I want to bring you peace or joy.

So contact me for a video session or a real live visit to my studio. Soon, I will be gone… kphillipscurran@gmail.com

If you know anyone who would love to live in the coutry with a wonerful sunlit studio here is the link to my listing.


There is a video with it and please do send it along to anyone you think might be interested! I will give you whatever piece you wish from my inventory if we make a sale!!!

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