running out of time…

Its a whole new word for all kinds of artists in our country. A great many of us have sold our work at venues that we cannot attend right now. So some of us have, and are, and probably will coninue to, offer our creations to you via the internet.  We are all hoping that our work will still reach out and touch a cord in you, if even from a distance. EXHIBITION LINK HERE 
The world is different now.







If you are curious to see what my work would look like in your home, just send me a photo…I can phoptoshop my art image into your space. This way, you can see what the work looks like in your environment. The scale will be approximate, but it will give you a better idea. I also send close up vews of the artwork, details that are important to the work.

Let’s do it!

Here is a rough one I did recently…









It is always a struggle to adjust to a new environment. I have moved my studio and gallery more than a few times and that’s what this kind of feels like. A new environment…We are all learning to adjust and keep ourselves going.

Join me in changing your world. I love to create art that calms the soul. I live in the country and I love representing the quiet places in the world.

I love when they touch your heart and we share that love.

I am working on my inventory these days and here is  a snapshot of how far I’ve come.

Let me know if you see anything you like…and send me your email persmission for my newsletter…

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