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Watercolour painting of the light reflecting underneath the surface.
Watercolour, 22×30 inches Gentle Scintillation
watercolour in progress
work in progress 14×21

The hottest few weeks in memory for me here in Ontario. It gutted my drive, my incentive and sent me reeling. I was able to keep up with watering the garden, then i ran the well dry. An unforgivable mistake in the country… never again I said last time I did it, or was that the time before?
BUT I have been painting these days, my waterside works are perfect foil for the heat. I’ve been growing and continuing my series depicting stoney bottomed creek, lake and riversides since 1989. They have become richer, deeper in tone and more dense in layers. They are a challenge each and every time. Water has an unrelenting variety in its movements, even though it is bound by scientific principles that often remain hidden to us in their continuity.
These are but a few of the things I think about when I am creating them…

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