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My Bermuda days are numbered once more. It will be such sweet sorrow to leave, it’s a second home to me. The weather has been varied, and well, divine as far as I am concerned, moist, windy, sunny. I spent some of yesterday afternoon picking loquats off a tree while waiting for a bus.
This weekend I teach my last watercolour workshop at the Bermuda Society of the Arts in City Hall Hamilton Bermuda, be there or be square… to sign up or get information…I have always been fascinated by the light and values of Bermuda architecture, the white-washed walls and rooves and chimneys are marvellous reflective surfaces. Light bounces around and is reflected in strange and marvellous places.

Newly framed work is available at the Windjammer 2 Gallery in Hamilton Princess Hotel, in, well, Hamilton.Bermuda.

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  1. Lloyd
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    Bermuda is still beautiful and your NEXT visit is long overdue.

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