a legacy

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We all leave something behind.
For 25 years I visited, painted and sold my watercolours in Bermuda. It was a pivitol part of my artistic journey. I stayed in various parts of the tiny nation (21 sq miles) over those years, but the parged whitewashed walls of the 400 year old town of St George always had my heart.
The visuals that captured me were the long, dancing winter shadows on the walls, windows and gates in the alleys and foot paths. Bermuda is less than 800 km west of Cape Hatteres , North Carolina, so has a winter, of a sort. Golden hour (as we artists like to call it) comes early and quickly in the winter, and I would dash through town and shoot images to use in the studio later. In those days my camera was analogue so…a sketch was a welcome part of the process, and i could draw the bones of what i saw and add the shadow work later on.
Have a peek here!

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